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Enjoy local produce with Graze Away hospitality services

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Graze Away

GRAZE AWAY is bigger than food and convenience, it’s you, experiencing what the Hilltops Region tastes like without you even leaving the house.

Laura Cartwright is the owner and face behind GRAZE AWAY. She also ticks boxes of wife and mother of 4 children! She describes herself as an over feeder, entertainer, perfectionist and a bit of a party planner.

“I’m a colourful personality and a bit of a crowd pleaser, hence I am that GRAZE AWAY chick,” Laura said.

“I love every part of putting together a GRAZE AWAY experience for my customers. I’m MAD on supporting, celebrating and using any local produce and products I can get my hands on.”

GRAZE AWAY makes beautiful and personalised:

  • Grazing Boxes and Boards
  • Lush Picnic Set Ups and
  • Abundant Table Style Grazing.

Local, home-grown and handmade with love all sourced by Laura makes your GRAZE AWAY unique and so delicious.

“And to that a little bit of me, who lovingly and creatively makes GRAZE AWAY one to remember,” she said.

Graze Away

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