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Face to face learning in Term 4

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

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Classes are back for Term 4, under Level 3 conditions of the COVID-safe return to school roadmap.

School assemblies, sport (outside of PDHPE), excursions and field trips are banned, however Principals and teachers throughout the Hilltops hope to provide as much regularity as possible.

After lockdown lifting in the Hilltops on Friday, students were welcomed back for face-to-face learning on Tuesday.

Young High School was locked down on Friday September 17, due to a member of the school community testing positive to COVID-19.

Principal Anna Barker hopes this term can go ahead with minimal disruption.

“The best learning environment for students is in the classroom,” she said.

Ms Barker hopes all teachers will be double vaccinated as soon as possible, in the interest of the health and wellbeing of students and the school community.

Boorowa Central School Principal Graham Jones’ plan for this term is to get as close to normal as possible.

“We have Kindy Orientation and Year 7 transition back on the table again, the rescheduled Year 12 graduation and formal to look forward to and presentation night and the Year 6 graduation hopefully able to go ahead,” he said.

“The staff will also be busy marking assessment tasks, writing reports and evaluating their teams’ activities within the Strategic Improvement Plan. It is going to be a very busy term.”

Mr Jones said the impact of the pandemic took a toll on students’ performance.

“The students have found it difficult to be motivated to learn from home with the same vigour that they apply at school,” he said.

“For teachers, the impact of the pandemic is a real challenge. Every one of the staff at Boorowa Central School chose their profession because they care for children and want the very best outcomes for them. Not to mention the joy that comes along with working with students every day. When the staff are working from home this drive is difficult to maintain as the main reason you go to work each day is not there.”

“I could not be prouder of all the staff at our great school for their adaptability, creativity and work ethic - they are a credit to their school, town and public education.”

Mr Jones expressed sympathy for Year 12 students given all the disruptions inside and outside the school gates.

He said: “At Boorowa Central School, we will be aiming to make lemonade out of lemons - do our best with the opportunities we have available to us. We will be heavily focused on wellbeing to rebuild the student’s sense of belonging to the school and we are motivated to plan and deliver high quality, engaging lessons that reinvigorate every student’s passion for learning.”

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