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Father’s Day in lockdown

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Treat Dad with some homemade treats this Father’s Day.
Treat Dad with some homemade treats this Father’s Day.Treat Dad with some homemade treats this Father’s Day.

Sunday is Father’s Day; and the second time his special day is disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

A father usually lives to provide for their child and train them for how to live in this day and age.

It’s the one day when he has a spotlight purely on him, and is a chance for children to say thank you for the guidance he’s offered.

Given father’s and grandfather’s don’t receive many gifts from others, children could make a gift for their Dad.

Make something like a scrapbook, string of memories, personal diary among others for him.

He will appreciate the gift more because of the creativity and will power to design something for him.

They may even get the tough old man teary eyed.

To make your Father’s Day special and give him a big thank you, here are some fun and safe activities he should love:

Cooking together: meals cooked together seem to taste better. Instead of getting out a box cake, how about children planning a date to cook something that’s of Dad’s choice? The father-child bond can grow, while having fun and sharing secrets of the kitchen, barbecue etc in the process.

Writing Dad a letter: penning a letter to your Dad is something he cherishes. The relationship between children and their parents is usually sacred regardless of age. Getting vulnerable and opening up is always appreciated by a parent.

A family game night: playing games is one of the best things about childhood. Be it snakes and ladders, ludo or scattergories, the games bring back memories. How about putting aside everyone’s devices, clearing the dinner table and involving the whole family in recreating some of this fun on Father’s Day.

Movie marathon: watch a movie or two together with some popcorn and his favourite snacks.

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