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Finding Treasure in Boorowa

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Boorowa Community Op Shop
Boorowa Community Op ShopBoorowa Community Op Shop

Amongst the array of delights that you will find in Boorowa, the Boorowa Community Op Shop is a rare treasure for the town, and a ‘must visit’ for everyone.

Staffed completely by volunteers, they stock quality and popular items, treasures, and even gifts. There is also a great second-hand bookshop that includes music, movies, puzzles, games and more. The Community Op Shop is auspiced by Boorowa Rotary, however volunteers from all parts of the community help by donating, buying and assisting in the shop.

There are no paid personnel and all volunteers are very much appreciated. They work as much or as little as they choose. Some can give two hours a month, while others give 16 hours a week. It’s up to the volunteer on how much time they commit.

Almost $60,000 has been given away over the first three years of operating the shop, and it looks as though they may be able to share upwards of $25,000 in its fourth year of operation.

These funds have gone to the community and helped projects in the Boorowa area.

The Op Shop charity recipients have included (but are not limited to): the Early Education Centre, Hospital Auxiliary, Lions Club, Rural Fire Service, Rotary, Community Garden, Men’s Den and St Vincent de Paul Boorowa Conference.

Each volunteer nominates a charity (or more), and funds are distributed to their nominated charity(ies) based on the percentage of total hours worked. For example, if volunteer A does 15% of all total hours worked in a year, their nominated charity receives 15% of the nett proceeds (after rent, electricity etc). Volunteer B does 7% of total hours, their charity receives 7% of the nett proceeds, and so on.

“Volunteers are always very welcome,” Lyn Diskon explains. “Apart from the work we all do, we meet interesting people and have fun, all while raising money for our local charities.” “Assisting in the Boorowa Community Op Shop is a great way to fundraise.”

This community organisation relies on the Hilltops residents, along with tourists, visitors, visiting friends and relatives to raise the money in order to give it out to the broader community. So next time you shop for your treasure, you know that your hard earned will be going to a much larger cause.

Live Local, Love Local, Shop Local, and the whole Hilltops region will benefit.

The Boorowa Community Op Shop is open:
Thursday & Friday - 10:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday - 10am to 2pm.
For more information, contact:
Lyn – 0427 900 313
Julie – 0427 853 199
Ilze – 0407 487 346

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