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Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald has lived in Hilltops for 25 years. He is currently a teacher of Mathematics at Murrumburrah High School with 15 years as the Deputy Principal of Young High School.

He wants a vibrant council that makes effective communication with the community a high priority of all Council staff, making the Council a more responsive organization to the needs of everybody in the Hilltops region. With expertise in administration and management, he believes he can achieve this in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Supporting the community in developing a sustainable environment is something Patrick would like to focus on. Investigating effective practices in other areas that could be utilised here to help our region be more efficient in minimizing the effects of climate change at a local level is a priority.

He wants the Council to have an assertive and forward thinking philosophy. The Council should have a strong focus on attracting new business to Hilltops, providing the support to make it easy for newcomers to set up in the region.

Patrick believes his highly developed analytical and problem solving skills combined with energy, motivation and an understanding of ethical and accountable behaviour make him a suitable candidate for Council.

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