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Garden Foliage
Garden Foliage
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Flowers are always seen as the main feature of the garden, however the foliage of a plant will be visible for a much longer period of time and give you a backdrop to the flowers. The foliage colour, form, texture and whether or not the plant is evergreen or deciduous should be considered whenever you are planting out a garden.

There are so many different shades of green. Different tones will give your garden more depth. Using variegated foliage will bring more light to a darker corner. Bold, single colours such as golds, deep reds, purple and blacks will give a bold impact. Silvers add a softness to any planting scheme, they will also look effective at night in the garden.

Form (Shape/Size)
Leaves come in all shapes and sizes and they have different finishes to the leaf margins. Try to use a variety of large and small leaves with serrated and smooth edges to give more interest.

Leaves may be glossy and smooth or dull and rough or even hairy. Using a variety of plants in your garden with these different finishes will give your garden another feature.

Evergreen versus Deciduous
Most deciduous plants will have lovely autumnal colours which is a bonus as you have the variety of leaf colour throughout the seasons. If you are trying to screen or hide something in the garden be sure to use an evergreen plant.

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