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Brian Ingram
Brian Ingram

As most residents would be aware, the upgrade of Milvale Road is a project I have been advocating for over a long period of time.

I am very pleased, that after following due process, Council have awarded the tender for the water main upgrade on Milvale Road. This upgrade must be completed before road works can commence. It is anticipated that site establishment will begin this week.

Another exciting project for the community is the Tresilian Park inclusive playground in Young. The construction of the playground is planned to commence next month.

I have previously mentioned that Council are required to complete harmonisation by 1 July 2021. This involves merging the rating structures of the former Young, Harden & Boorowa Council’s rating systems into a single structure for all of Hilltops. Council’s aim in the harmonisation of the rating system is to develop a fair and equitable structure that distributes the burden fairly across the Hilltops Local Government Area.

The total revenue generated by rates is capped by the state government, for 2021-2022 the increase for Council’s total rates income is capped at 2.00%. Accordingly, the harmonisation process will not generate additional revenue for Hilltops Council.

Council were presented with four options for Rates Harmonisation, all of which are available to the public as part of the March 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda.

There is the possibility of legislation being introduced into Parliament allowing rates harmonisation to be phased in over a four year period. This has not been passed as yet but will form part of the public consultation process pending a decision of parliament.

Consultation with the community will soon commence via a number of methods. A calculator will be available to access on Council’s website for ratepayers to see impact of harmonisation on their rates by comparing current 2021 rates against the proposed rate after harmonisation. Council staff will also develop a Frequently Asked Question’s page, and an information mailout.

Please be reminded that Rates Harmonisation is a requirement of the NSW Government on all merged Councils. Council is working to ensure an open and transparent process is followed.

Congratulations to all involved in the street party that was held in Young on Saturday. We thank the Department of Planning, Industry and Investment for funding the event, I have received some positive feedback about the day.

This week, to celebrate Youth Week, there are movie nights in Boorowa, Harden and Young and the Music Art Drama and Dance Show on Sunday. Seniors Week is happening from 16 – 23 April. The program includes author talks, tech savvy seniors events at each library branch and a Take 5 concert at the Young branch.

A reminder that the Draft Hilltops Local Environmental Plan (LEP) remains on public exhibition until 26 April. You can view the Draft Hilltops LEP via Council’s dedicated LEP Consultation website, The Consultation Website includes all the draft Hilltops LEP documents and interactive Online Mapping to view the current and proposed planning controls.

– Brian Ingram

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