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Written by: Joanne Mackay

Joanne Mackay

Councillor Joanne Mackay

Making a decision - a balance between doing things right and doing the right thing.

Life is full of decisions, my choosing to write on this subject was a decision in itself.

Hilltops Council are considering changes to waste management services following the community consultation outcomes and recent compliance development. We are also conducting community workshops regarding a Special Rate Variation (SRV).

We have been seeking feedback to help us as Councillors make important decisions for the future of Hilltops. It is this recent series of discussions that has me thinking about the process of decision making.

The recent SRV and Waste Management community meetings have resulted in a complex collection of thoughts and ideas. Some came with individual outcomes at the heart of their recommendations, whilst others considered the community as a whole. Regardless of perspective it is wonderful to hear the passion of someone who takes the opportunity to voice their opinion or concern.

Problems are often complicated and it can be difficult to think objectively about all the variables in a decision or the different outcomes that may come of these decisions. The more complex the decision the more we need to rely on discussion and dialogue involving the community.

Ethical decision making does not guarantee universal agreement and ultimately there is no right or wrong. And whatever choice of action that comes out of a decision will have consequences and ramifications both positively and negatively for individuals and the community as a whole.

So it is with this in mind that I thank everyone who attended workshops or completed surveys to convey the different perspectives on the best solutions for Hilltops whether it is recommendations for our waste strategies or the potential to seek a Special Rate Variation in 2024. It is with the help of everyone across Hilltops that will allow us as Councillors to make an informed decision that hopefully will deliver the best outcomes for all of us.

“Human beings don’t fix things unless they get together and talk about it.” - Julia Gillard

Councillor Joanne Mackay

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