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Written by: Mayor Margaret Roles

Margaret Roles

Margaret Roles

Recently I attended a Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Executive Safety Leadership Summit.

The event was designed to bring local government and TfNSW executive leaders together to create an enduring safety culture across all aspects of our respective businesses.

Sixty-seven councils were represented, fifty-two, Hilltops included, being part of the TfNSW road maintenance contract. The Minister of Regional Transport and Roads, the Hon. Jenny Aitchison, also recognised the fourteen mayors who attended the summit.

The nub of the summit was the creation of a common commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS) for NSW and NSW regional councils.

Two themes were constant - continuous improvement in workplace safety and the importance of leadership in embedding a positive culture of safety that protects our workforce- especially in this instance, the road crews.

It was highlighted to the summit that there are more roadworks occurring across the state than ever before. Thus, there is a huge demand for resources and the ever-present danger of a fatigued workforce.

The emphasis on safe work practices included machinery replacement and maintenance.

It is too easy for the timely renewal of plant and equipment, which includes trucks and heavy vehicles, to either be postponed or not perceived as a high priority.

As discussed at the summit, this means that issues of WHS and risk are being undervalued and not properly resourced. Never should we compromise safety for economics or to get the job done.

Instead, human life is the most important centred approach, ensuring that everyone has the right, after a day’s work, to come home safely to their family and private life.

Margaret Roles

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