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Written by: Mayor Margaret Roles

Margaret Roles
Margaret Roles

A new term begins for Council with a new mix of Councillors and a renewed dedication to work for all who live, work and play in our beautiful Hilltops region.

I write ‘our’ because we, you and I, are the people who make up the community of Hilltops. Our needs, wants and dreams are the forces that drive the direction of Hilltops.

At the heart of everything that Council does is the community, which is the umbrella term for all the interdependent networks of businesses, towns and villages, public infrastructure and people that make up our vibrant, rural community.

Hugh Mackay, a well-respected, Australian social psychologist, in his book The Kindness Revolution has a chapter that discusses how institutions hold us together because they are the framework or scaffolding, within which we live our lives.

Local Council is one such institution which plays a significant role in our everyday life.

The role of the elected councillors is also important as they ‘represent the views of the community while making decisions in their interests.’

How councillors find out these views I would suggest, is by listening, acknowledging, appreciating, understanding and respecting the divergent interests and ideas of the community.

To make decisions, that will not always be shared by everyone, takes courage; which your elected representatives gain by making sure that decisions are made in an open, transparent, informed and collaborative manner.

Councillors are also asked to ‘demonstrate conduct that the community expects and deserves.’ I believe this is a contract of trust and mutual respect made between the elected council and the community.

We are all looking forward to a Council term that consolidates our Hilltops community and continues to build on the work of the first Hilltops Council in developing our region. Hilltops is our place - a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Before I sign off, I would also like to thank everyone for the patience, cooperation and kindness shown during the Omicron outbreak. This wave has affected all of us. But it has also highlighted that as a community, we have a flexibility and adaptability that stands us in good stead to deal with the challenges ahead, as we walk our shared Hilltops path.

Margaret Roles - Mayor

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