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Margaret Roles

The rains that have fallen in our Hilltops region has lifted the spirits of all. This was evident at the Boorowa Show last Saturday with everyone, including 4 of the 5 little angels, enjoying the fun and contributing to the happiness of the day.

After a summer of extremes that has seen drought blight the land, ash darken our skies and temperatures soar, it refreshes the soul to see the countryside beginning to recover. For many of us, this summer has brought home the reality that climate change is everybody’s problem and everybody’s responsibility.

The Climate Council has released a report highlighting the unique threats and opportunities climate change poses for Australian towns and cities. It highlights earlier findings that 70% of the emissions reductions required to keep global warming at 2 degrees Celsius, can be achieved by making changes at the local level.

Imagine what we can do if we work proactively together to support sustainability and an improved environment. We need to make sure that we do not underfund our environment which is so closely linked to our region’s development.

We welcome Anthony O’Reilly, Hilltops new General Manager and his family to the region. I know that Anthony, together with his family, is looking forward to contributing to and benefiting from, the lifestyle that Hilltops has to offer. One new family I met in Carrington Park the other day remarked ‘there is so much to do here’ and indeed we are fortunate to have such a strong interest, volunteer, cultural and sporting base across our community.

The interconnectedness of life in our region was highlighted this weekend by the International Women’s Day held in Boorowa. One hundred and ninety women, of all ages and from all areas of the region, joined the ‘circle of women’ giving encouragement and support to each other.

Ably chaired by state member for Goulburn and Hilltops Councillor, Wendy Tuckerman, sessions included ‘skincare for life’ with Tanya Barton-Brown and ‘the truth of beauty’ led by Liz Giuliano. Dr Libby Weaver (PhD), one of Australia’s leading nutritional biochemists, spoke on the connection between nutrition, biochemistry and emotions whilst Peter & Suzanne O’Keefe recounted their personal journey of Peter suffering and surviving a horrific, severe burns farming accident. With courage, resilience and a bushman’s sense of humour, the burns might have disfigured but only on the surface.

Hilltops is also developing a beauty that is more than ‘skin deep’ – we must nourish and care for our patch to be able to be resilient in the face of the uncertain global, climate future.

– Marg Roles

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