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Written by: Mary Dodd


Gratitude. I have been thinking about this word ever since a woman said to me that we are so busy complaining, we forget to be thankful for what we have.

We were at Chinaman’s Dam for a Combined Easter service, looking at the beauty of the mist rising from the water as the sun rose. Although she had to travel many kilometres just to go shopping or access other services, she was thankful for all the things she did have.

In Hilltops we are very blessed. Parks, shopping, theatre, street parties, playgrounds, music premieres, libraries, movies, hospitals, community halls, schools, historical buildings and great cafes. These are just some of the services and facilities I have accessed in the last few weeks.

Chinaman’s Dam is well worth a visit to see the recent upgrade to facilities. It is looking fantastic thanks to the efforts of the Council crews, despite staff shortages due to the pandemic!

We also have communities that are caring and connected. These were very evident in the villages I attended for ANZAC Day services.

Koorawatha, Wirrimah, Bendick Murrell and Crowther all had people who came to honour those who had served Australia in war. The breakfast and morning tea at Koorawatha and Bendick Murrell were perfect examples of generous country hospitality.

I recently travelled home via Galong and was pleased to buy a coffee from a new mobile café there. It is exciting to see people with ideas, and a commitment to their local community, getting involved.

I am truly thankful to live in Hilltops.

Councillor Mary Dodd

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