From Hilltops Council – Matthew Stadtmiller

Written by: Councillor Matt Stadtmiller

The Hilltops Council
The Hilltops Council

Hilltops Council will continue to face incredibly difficult situations in the next financial year and in the years going forward.

The cost of building materials has ballooned and will result in projects blowing their original forecasted budget.

Hilltops will have to prioritise which projects are completed while also meeting the expectations of each of the 3 former shire areas.

They, unlike single purpose Councils, have to look after a myriad of public resources and infrastructure and don’t have the same capital. The Murrimboola Creek Regeneration project is a fine example where the work could be changed in scope and design and include amenities far more fitting for the sporting groups who use Robert’s Park and Coddington Park areas.

Blindly following designs which were produced before the rise in costs will leave long term pain for the residents financially.

Avenues need to be discussed with the new federal government as to how to best expend funds or reach an agreement for more funding. Now is not the time to sit on ones hands. If there isn’t money there and it will only be there with a huge rate rise that will cripple many in the community who already face huge costs of living pressures on food, fuel and power, we risk losing people from our communities to places where rates are cheaper, jobs more plentiful and more housing available. Can you blame people?

This week’s state budget will no doubt be full of ‘sweetners’ as there’s an election in 9 months, but the proof will be in the pudding.

Councillor Matthew Stadtmiller

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