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Written by: Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick FitzGerald

Patrick FitzGerald

This week I would like to congratulate and thank some Hilltops community members and also ask that the whole of Hilltops give some thought to a request from Council.

Firstly, a big congratulations to the organisers and community of Boorowa for the fantastic Woolfest a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed by the wide variety of activities available and the great street parade which culminated with the ‘Running of the Sheep’, a superb and original idea. Festivals like this do not happen without a lot of hard work by a dedicated few. The time and effort put in has resulted with an event that the whole of Boorowa can be proud of. If any members of the community meet an organiser down the street, could they take the time to say thank you and maybe offer their help for next year’s Woolfest.

Secondly, another big congratulations to the committee who organised the Harden Kite Festival. This was, as usual, a great success. I was able to spend some time with the organisers and see the efforts put in to create such a fabulous event. They spent a large amount of time organising rides, performers and activities so that festival participants could have a tremendous time. These committee members attended many meetings to make decisions on the running of the day. They also gave up their time in the weeks before in preparation so that all was ready for the day. My congratulations to them and I ask if you see them on the street to say thanks. Harden community members could also consider helping with next year’s festival.

Lastly, I would like to ask all members of the Hilltops community to respond to the question we as a Council have been asking. Should there be a ‘Special Rate Variation’? Everyone is aware of the cost of living increases in recent times and Council is also affected. To continue to offer the services we do and hopefully improve them will require some very careful management. Obviously, there will be a need to increase prices at some stage. The question is, is now the best time and if it is what would be reasonable. I understand no increase is welcome but to provide for the community means we must make some unavoidable decisions at times. Could everybody consider these issues and if you have an opinion please pass it on to me or any other Councillor. We have a great community as shown by Boorowa and Harden in recent weeks, and will again be highlighted at the upcoming National Cherry Festival. Please I ask everybody to support Hilltops in the best way they can.

Patrick FitzGerald

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