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Written by: Patrick Fitzgerald


Recently I wrote a column about improving the canopy cover in Hilltops towns and villages. The benefits for the community are clear and significant.

To progress this investigation further I have met with the Acting Director of Planning and staff to start to develop a plan that takes into account the ideas of constituents, the needs of the environment, the policies of the Council and fits within the budgetary constraints currently in place.

The draft policy on this area is currently being reviewed and will shortly be published for community comment. Council is committed to preserving and enhancing the natural environment. We can do this by responding to environmental initiatives from the community or other levels of government.

Firstly though we need to develop some wide ranging ideas of our own. I call upon the community of Hilltops, whether in a large town or small village or on a property, to think about what is needed to support and improve our environment and to contact me or other Councillors with ideas and suggestions.

Hilltops Council is committed to protecting and rehabilitating our environment and will achieve this by working in partnership with all sectors of the local community to identify and promote natural resource management initiatives. We will continue to facilitate the provision of shade not only through tree planting but also by building quality structures where required.

Hopefully we will be able, as a community, to move further along the road towards a sustainable and beautiful Hilltops.

Councillor Patrick FitzGerald

KP Carmody

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