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Written by: Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick FitzGerald

Patrick FitzGerald

I hope everybody had a good Easter weekend, meeting friends and family and enjoying a break from the day to day work.

I was able to visit friends in Canberra and on the way back dropped into the open Art Gallery at Garangula. The purpose of the gallery is to house an extensive collection of Aboriginal art and other impressive items.

This is a valuable part of Hilltops and deserves a visit. It is my understanding that it will be open again in October, so I suggest you note it down in your diaries.

It was very busy at Garangula given that there was a polo competition going on as well. So, the property had lots of people, horses, cars and trailers.

The thing that struck me most was how everybody was able to view the exhibition, watch the polo and move around the property with such good grace and patience. Nobody pushed in or hurried others but just took their turn in moving through the gallery.

Due to the polo there was a number of horses being led from trailers to the grounds so at times travel was slow, but all involved took their time and allowed others to get on with a variety of activities.

The attitude of people there reflected my experience at Canberra during the weekend. All of those I encountered showed respect for others, were not rude or offensive and thus everybody was able to enjoy their time with family and friends.

This was also true while driving, both in the city and on the open roads. It seemed to me that car horns had been disconnected. Patience and staying calm were the keywords to the behaviour of all I met.

This is a great society we live in and to ensure we enjoy living here it is important to remember to care for everybody, show respect to all and stay calm and patient in all our dealings.

Even when events can cause us to become irritated, nothing is achieved by being rude and offensive whether this is on the road, at the supermarket, at work or in meetings.

Last weekend was a good reminder to me of how to behave for a better and more efficient society. Regards

Patrick FitzGerald

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