From Hilltops Councillor – Brian Ingram

Written by: Brian Ingram

 Hilltops Mayor Brain Ingram

Hilltops Mayor Brian Ingram

I have one question for the community. The question is pretty straight forward, as is the answer.

Do you wish to pay more (up to 75%) for your general rates? Answer yes or no.

(1) Keeping in mind that any ‘increase’ will not create any new services or even raise the levels of service provided currently (ongoing there is more likely to be a decrease in service levels).

(2) Keeping in mind that staff are currently working behind closed doors on a new Waste Strategy. The Waste Strategy isn’t itself behind closed doors but the significant estimated ‘increase’ to your waste charge is.

(3) Keeping in mind staff are also currently working on the Integrated Water Cycle Management System. Again, not behind closed doors, however, the part being discussed behind closed doors is the proposed estimated ‘increase’ to both your water and sewer charges.

I digress. Back to the original question.

Do you wish to have a significant rise added to your General Rates Category via a Special Rate Variation (SRV)?

If your answer is yes then you don’t need to do anything. Just sit back and wait for your rates notice to arrive in the mail. Don’t say you weren’t informed.

If your answer is no then you need to contact the eleven Councillors who will ultimately make the decision and inform them of your thoughts on the question.

There is no need to contact this Councillor, I have made it clear that until Council can show some efficiencies in its undertakings and start to live within its means I will not be supporting any SRV. Councillor Brian Ingram

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