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From Hilltops Councillor Tony Wallace

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Tony Wallace
Tony Wallace

It is very easy to be negative, especially given the dire climatic conditions we are experiencing. However, this Council region has a great deal about which to be positive. Rather than focusing on wishing to undermine Council, we should focus on all the great developments that have occurred recently, are currently being developed and are slated to commence shortly.

First and foremost is the joint use Hilltops Library/Young High School development in Young. This is a once in a lifetime project that will transform community in the region and is long overdue. Also in Young is the redevelopment of the swimming pool which will create an improved experience for all those who use it and will attract tourism to the region.

Tourism is also to the fore in the developments planned for the Chinese Tribute Garden. The proposed improvements will enable the garden to experience visitation on a par with other towns and cities with beautiful showpiece gardens.

Significant improvements have also been made to many of Young’s sporting fields and the tennis courts, as well as walking paths. Commercial development is also currently taking place on a large scale and this will no doubt transform the retail environment in Young.

Harden is undergoing its own transformation to civic spaces. The Murrimboola Creek project will create a much more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly experience. Several sports grounds have received and are continuing to receive major upgrades as is the swimming pool and the racecourse. Further, the Rural Fire Service has commenced a major new development.

In Boorowa, the showground/racecourse precinct has experienced a metamorphosis with all the new and improved facilities. This includes buildings and sporting facilities par excellence. The new playground is well patronised and thoroughly appreciated. The wind farm development is also a major piece of infrastructure benefiting our community.

The things I have mentioned are just skimming the surface and in no way represent the entirety of current progress. All of them provide local employment and long-term benefits for the whole community. We should be positive and now, bring on the rain. A safe and happy Christmas to all.

– Deputy Mayor Tony Wallace

Rye Park Wind Farm

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