From Hilltops Councillor Wendy Tuckerman

Wendy Tuckerman
Wendy Tuckerman

This is my first Councillor column since being elected to the State Government in March and may I take this opportunity to thank the people of the Boorowa district for their support during my campaign. I will remain as a Councillor on the Hilltops Council until the next Local Government election as legislation allows. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly but it is important to me to continue to represent the ratepayers of the Hilltops Council as I was elected to do. I not only look forward to continuing to represent the wider Hilltops community at a local government level but importantly the people of the Boorowa district.

I am delighted to see some progress on projects such as the new skate park for Boorowa and the horse arena at the showground precinct. I would also like to commend the members of the Boorowa Community Garden and the progress that has been made. This is a great initiative that provides not only an educational stream for those interested in gardening sustainably but also a great avenue to meet new people and share in the joy that participating in such activities brings.

I would also like to commend Andrew Corcoran and the participating teachers at Boorowa Central School for initiating the TUFF project. Andrew contacted me not long after the State election to let me know what the project was about and I was pleased after representations were made to the Minister that in-kind support has been provided to facilitate appropriate training for the project team. This is what I love about the Boorowa community, the ability to be leaders in their field and think outside the square to achieve great outcomes for the community, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’.

I’m delighted to announce that the Minister for Finance and Small Business, Mr Damien Tudehope will be attending the Boorowa Business Chambers on July 4th and I invite all small businesses and those interested in meeting the Minister to attend the Boorowa Hotel (Top Pub) at 6pm.

Councillor Wendy Tuckerman

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