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We have now moved past the winter solstice so spring is getting closer.

It will be nice to start having an extra couple of minutes of daylight each day as we move closer to the next growing season. The wintery weather is sticking around for a couple more months which can be quite pleasant when the suns out.

One plant species that has been adding a cheerful splash of colour to the garden are the early flowering bulbs like Jonquil “Erlicheer” and Jonquil “Paperwhite” along with the Snow Flakes. I have made a note to order more jonquils next year, in every variety possible. Also flowering now are the Hellebores, they have loved our recent milder summers and are greeting us with an abundance of flowers this month.

Now is definitely the time to take advantage of the slow down in garden growth as the weather remains cold. I’m trying to be as strategic as possible with my time in the garden so I don’t get hit with the overwhelm of spring like I did last year.

In this month’s newsletter we have a focus on what to do now to get your garden in order for when the weather warms up. If you only get one task completed in your garden this month try to get some mulch spread.

We have included the next chapter in our story of developing the garden at the Berkshires. This newsletter also includes a feature on growing all the different types of Buxus and our regular garden task list for mid winter. If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter go to my website

We are pleased to announce some exciting news for our garden management business, we have purchased a xero turn mower to our fleet of equipment so we will be able to provide all levels of lawn mowing and green keeping services to our clients.

If you would like an obligation free quote please let us know.

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