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Garden Plantings to Deter Mosquitoes and Flies

Written by: Glenice Buck

Close up of fly on leaf
Close up of fly on leaf

They are not just pretty they also have a purpose

With the warmer weather you are more likely to be using your garden for entertaining and outdoor dining. One problem which can affect your outdoor experience are flies and mosquitoes. Whilst there are no plants that will 100% deter these insects you can try and reduce their effects on you by planting out areas around your entertaining space with plant species which are known to repel these insects. These plants all have one thing in common – they have oil glands in their leaves which release a fragrance that the insects don’t necessarily enjoy or at least the plant’s odour masks the odour that humans are close by so then the insects are deterred from annoying us. 

Some of my favourite plant species that have proven to work are Marigolds also known as Stinking Rogers (maybe not the prettiest of names but they are very pretty in the garden). Marigolds also work well in the vegetable garden to deter insects from your crops.

Perennials such as Bee Balm (Monarda species), Catnip, Lavender, Geraniums, Members of the Allium family (Garlic and Onions) and Lemon Scented Tea Tree (Leptospermum species) will also work.

Herbs such as Sage, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Lemon Scented Verbena. In fact any lemons scented plants are known to have an affect on insects, Basil and all Mint species will also work.

Plant out these species on mass – one or two of them won’t have a strong affect. Ideally you will need to surround the area in some of these plants to create a buffer zone.

Rather than trying to use one of those toxic sprays that aren’t good for you, the environment or any insects and animals close by try to use a natural remedy that will only enhance your outdoor experience.

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