Garden Tasks For Early Winter

Written by: Glenice Buck


Winter has arrived, for this being the first week of winter it has definitely arrived with vengeance! Bringing a polar blast to most of NSW.
As the growth does start to slow down in the garden it is a good time to get to all of those tasks that you never have time to do in the busier warmer months. A couple of things that come to mind are; repair any irrigation systems breaks, tighten up any leaking taps, clean off the moss from paving Also you should be aware of frost on hoses, exposed pipes and taps. If you do get heavy frosts wrapping exposed pipes and taps with some hessian can prevent them from being damaged by frost. Also if you normally leave hoses rolled up close to the taps covering them over or moving them into a garage or shed will help preserve their life span. A heavy frost can cause the outer layer of plastic to crack.

Spring bulbs - get them in sooner rather than later. I have finally planted out my Daffodil and Tulip bulbs. This year rather than planting them in amongst existing shrubs and groundcovers in garden beds I’ve decided to feature them in individual raised beds of the cutting garden.

Get on top of all mowing and weeding now growth has slowed down.

Prepare beds for bare rooted trees and roses that should be available later this month and next month.

Continue planting out winter crops in the veggie garden - I just planted out lots of leafy greens like a Mesclun Mix, Asian Mixed Greens, Rocket, Lettuce in a frost protected area. Also plant out carrots, broccoli, broad beans, cauliflower and beetroot

Continue take cuttings or division of perennials such as sedums, society garlic and all the Salvias

Start the winter pruning on your deciduous trees

Lift, wash and store your Dahlias (for all the tips check out my blog post on my website)

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