Global Money Week

Global Money Week
Global Money Week
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With Global Money Week well underway – we take a look at why it’s important to educate our children and youth about money matters.

We believe that today’s children and youth should become empowered economic citizens, capable of understanding the importance of saving, and equipped with the skills to manage money wisely, allowing them to contribute to society with confidence.

With more of our money becoming invisible to our children and youth (it appears on the card)- there is a trend appearing within our community/society of those living pay cheque to pay cheque- and not preparing for a rainy day & using credit to pay for credit.

How can we empower the next generation of economic citizens- children are “monkey see, monkey do”, talk to your children about money- where it comes from and how it works, have them work for pocket money, set goals with them about how they are going to use their money, encourage accountability- discuss “trade-offs” with them- if you buy these shoes today, then the movies aren’t on the cards tomorrow!

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