Goldies Win The Annalee Mcguigan Shield

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


IMAGE: The Annalee McGuigan Shield. Photo provided by the rugby club.

On Saturday, 3rd of June, Boorowa Rugby Union Club had their first win of the Annalee McGuigan Shield against the Harden Devils.

The Goldies have waited 5 years to win this shield but the victory came as no surprise due to the beautiful performance made by the team.

With the result being 35-15 it would be easy to say that the Goldies had no issues winning the shield this year, however, the Harden Devils had immense drive and had control of the ball for an average of 80% of the time.

Tries were scored by George Chudleigh, Harry Gibbons, Josh Dean, Mark Poplin and the last try of the game was made by Michael Berry and converted by Studfrog making the crowd erupt. Players that got well deserving points this week includes Josh Dean (3), Shannon Turton (2) and Harry Gibbons (1) who all played an excellent game.

Josh Dean’s, affectionately known as the Flying Mullet, extraordinary performance was commended by his teammates and supporters, not only did he win Player’s Player and Chicks Pick but he obtained 3 points, missed zero tackles, scored a try and an assist.

The Club stated, “Josh Dean had one of the most memorable games in gold cotton witnessed in recent history.”

These indelible moments made the win come much easier for the team and made the game an incredible watch.

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