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Great News for Harden-Murrumburrah

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

Murrumburrah School Deputy Principal Renee Ford, Ana Djukic, Steph Cooke MP, Carrie Giddings, David and Marko Djukic


Harden Kite Festival
Harden-Murrumburrah will receive a welcome boost to tourism with the Harden Kite Festival sharing in the NSW Government’s $1 million 2020 Regional Event Fund. The NSW Government, through its tourism and major events agency Destination NSW, has awarded the Festival a $10,000 grant.

Harden Kite Festival Committee Chair Lucy Targett said the funding was a boost for the entire community. “It’s wonderful to be able to give back to our community which has suffered through drought over the past few years and to bring people together, this money is going to be greatly appreciated,” Ms Targett said. “We’re going to be ensuring we are giving back to the community so that may be using local businesses to help with the event’s marketing and looking for ideas on how we can create extra activities for kids and how to be COVID-safe. We can’t wait to try and see everyone next year, it might be a little different but we look forward to making a safe, family friendly and affordable event.”

Funds for Flexible Care Services
On another positive note, Steph Cooke, Member for Cootamundra, announced funding for the Murrumburrah-Harden Flexible Care Services Inc from the NSW Government’s Community Building Partnership fund. Ms Cooke said $13,426 had been awarded to upgrade the Service’s technology infrastructure which will see the existing computer network replaced by a modern server with five networked workstations. Chairman of the Murrumburrah-Harden Flexible Care Services Inc Board, Stewart Bruce, said he was delighted. “This upgrade will have a huge impact on us because our computer system network at the moment is quite old and sometimes doesn’t allow us to do the things we want to do,” Mr Bruce said. “These improvements will bring us up to date and allow us to provide a better service for our clients. I’m thrilled we have received this grant.”

Safety Boost for Murrumburrah Public School
Safety for students at Murrumburrah Public School will be boosted by a new school crossing supervisor, one of 98 rolling out across the state in the coming months.

Steph Cooke said Murrumburrah Public School was one of 96 schools across the state preparing to welcome a new school crossing supervisor. “This fantastic new role will be shared by two crossing supervisors who will monitor children at the crossing on Albury Street as they walk to and from school,” Ms Cooke said.

Murrumburrah Public School Deputy Principal Renee Ford said this was a welcome investment in the school community, and that “this is an important addition to our school to enable our students who use the Albury Street crossing to arrive and depart from school safely. I know our parents will warmly welcome that extra safety, knowing there will be that additional set of eyes there to supervise the students.”

Rye Park Wind Farm

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