Habitat Corridors Raising Awareness in Murrumburrah

Superb Parrot

Two creative workshops and a public forum are being held in Murrumburrah to raise awareness about endangered species and habitats in regional NSW.

The Habitat Corridors program is funded by Inspiring Australia for National Science Week and Southern Tablelands Arts is working with the Office of Environment and Heritage, Glideways, Landcare and Hilltops Council to deliver the project.

Participants will learn about local threatened species including the Squirrel Glider, Superb Parrot, Scarlet Robin and the Flame Robin and their habitats during a workshop involving print making and paper dyeing. The first workshop will consist of a talk with the Office of Environment and Heritage about the local and regional habitat corridors and their protection and growth. This will be followed by the print making workshops responding to the local threatened species and their habitats.

Professional textile artist Julie Ryder will lead the workshops. “I am excited to be working on the Habitat Corridors project because it focusses on endangered species of the area and their place within our environment,” said Julie.

“By looking at the symbiotic relationship between fauna and flora, we gain a more holistic view of the imbalances that are now occurring within nature. As an artist, I use local vegetation as both materials and a source of inspiration to engage visually with the wider community on these important issues.”

The public forum consisting of five speakers addressing arts and science for change and an exhibition of the artworks produced in the workshops will be held at the Mechanics Institute in Harden.

The workshops will take place at the Courthouse in Harden-Murrumburrah on 27 July and 3 August from 10am to 4pm, with the exhibition and forum happening on 10 August from 2pm to 5pm. If you are interested in attending or would like more information, contact Southern Tablelands Arts on 02 4823 4407 or email ao@southerntablelandsarts.com.au

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