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Local aqua fitness classes commenced at the Harden Swimming Pool on Tuesday. The exercise program will run on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6pm (except between December 22 and January 7, 2019) until the pool closes. It’s part of the Murrumbidgee Local Health District’s (MLHD) physical activity initiative and aims to improve access to affordable and safe physical activities.

Aqua fitness has been acknowledged by health practitioners as a program that improves the wellbeing of participants. Costing only $2 per lesson plus the pool’s entry fee, the classes will be a boon for those on a restricted budget. This type of exercise has been found to be a bonus for seniors because the water permits far more movement than comparable land exercises.

MLHD Health Promotion Officer, Barb Manwaring said, “We understand the value of frequent physical activity to maintain good health and this is a fantastic chance for those interested in taking part in a local, low cost program.”

Participants don’t need to be able to swim and for those who feel insecure in water, safety belts are available.

Aqua fitness is a moderate impact exercise that has a whole range of benefits including strengthening the immune health, building fitness, increasing muscle strength and relieving stress and anxiety.

According to the instructor Robin Cooper, aqua fitness classes offer a wide range of joint friendly exercises that give the body a complete workout. She also pointed out that because water keeps the body cool this exercise is conducive to exercising during our hot summers.

Classes are also run at the Young Swimming Pool at midday on Mondays and 8 am on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Those interested in joining the classes should bring along a bottle of water, sunscreen as well as ‘water’ dumbbells, provided you own a pair.

For further information, contact Robin Cooper on 6386 2100.

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