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Harden Camera Club Produces Stunning Postcards

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


All it took was a request from the local postmistress for the creative photographers at Harden Camera Club to pick up an unfinished project and bring it to life.

That’s right, you can now walk into the Harden Post Office and choose a selection of quality postcards depicting local scenes thanks to images captured by members of the Harden Camera Club.

Keith Ward said the club had first thought about producing cards some years ago, but it became one of those unfinished projects.

“Early this year, Michelle at the post office asked about the possibility of the Club producing postcards as there was a consistent demand from post office customers so we selected 12 images to trial a range,” Mr Ward said.

“We are hoping to have them available at Whichcraft and the Visitor Information Centre in the coming weeks.”

Mr Ward said that volunteers at the Visitor Information Centre had also reported a need for local postcards.

“Depending on which ones end up being popular, the club will select further images to expand the range,” he said.

“Hopefully it will be a good fundraiser for both the club and seller outlets.”

You can purchase the postcards at the Harden Post Office for $2 each. A visit to the Grenfell region is on the agenda for the Harden Camera Club.

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