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Harden Championships tee off

Written by: Harden Country Club


The Harden 2021 Club Championships runs over this weekend and next, as an 18 hole four round event this Saturday and Sunday and next Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17 at the Harden Country Club.

Ladies only play three rounds over these two weekends.

Club General Manager Chris Longbottom said it’s too early to pin down numbers, as many players sign up at the last minute.

He guesses there will be 25 to 40 golfers playing in the championships on the day.

Entry is $15 per round, and there are multiple grades.

“We’ve got our stalwart Ben Glover who will surely play a good game. Mark Parker and other golfers will also give him a sense of challenge,” he said.

“No matter how many players, you’ll still feel that sense of challenge.”

If visitors want to play a round of golf, they are welcome. Only members can win the championship.

The Club has a COVIDsafe plan in place. Golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene and adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times.

“The format remains the same albeit the health restrictions,” Chris said.

“At this stage, golfers can play in groups of four. This stays in line with Golf NSW and NSW Health recommendations.”

The greens are looking fabulous and no doubt too as Chris said they’ve been renovated during the winter months.

Moving through Spring and Summer is going to be “different”.

“Managing the period to December is going to be interesting for the Club and on the green. It’s a unique challenge,” he said.

“Some will see it as a positive and some will see a negative. It will be an interesting journey.”

To book your time for the Championship, call 0447 568 164.

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