Harden CWA Urges Community To Start A ‘sconversation’ About Mental Health

Harden CWA
Harden CWA
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Harden CWA urges community to start a ‘sconversation’ about mental health.

The Harden branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) will be holding a Mental Health Awareness Evening to highlight this year’s Awareness Week message.

This year’s Awareness Week campaign is focusing on women’s mental health awareness and support services in country communities and how everyone can help make a difference.

President Margaret Thornhill says one of the organisation’s main messages this Awareness Week is the importance of a support network and regular catch-ups, or a ‘sconversation’, with friends, the chance to talk about how you’re feeling in a safe and supportive environment and ask for assistance should you need it. “One of the strengths of the CWA of NSW is the supportive social network it offers women, so our members understand the power of a Sconversation – boil the jug, sit down and enjoy a cuppa and a chat,” she said.

John Harper from Stockinbingal will be the guest speaker. He created a rural wellbeing program, Mate Helping Mate, back in 2006. He promotes social and creative strategies to manage tough times, through friendship and community.

Margaret said, “Maintaining strong mental health and seeking support services is challenging enough in country communities where the ‘tyranny of distance’ is very real. The drought is just another factor they’re dealing with at present. It’s never been more important to start a ‘sconversation’ with your friends and make it a regular catch-up in your diary. Too many people are still suffering in silence, and that’s something we can all start doing something about.”

The event will be held at the CWA Rooms at 116 Neill Street on the 14th of September, 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

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