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Bates Snares September Medal
The weather was cool, the wind was ever-present, yet the scoring was hot in the Brian Wales sponsored September Monthly Medal for the gents last Saturday. Robert Bates has presented his best round for the year to the judges and claimed the spoils for his toils.

Robert has shot an 84 off the stick for a most impressive 65 nett on what most would assume was a tough weather day for golf. In shooting this score, Robert has claimed the B Grade Scratch, the B Grade Nett and Medal, the daily prize from Brian Wales and also the Guzzlers Mug. Mind you, Robert was mysteriously nowhere to be found when the guzzling was to take place so he may be called on after golf this Saturday to honour the age old Harden Country Club tradition with his piece of pewter for the month.

Brian was good enough to sponsor both an A Nett and a B Nett winner, so the A Grade medallist got a voucher also and that was after a countback. Kevin Hoppe and Ben Glover tied for 68 nett’s yet Kevin claimed the A Medal and prize whilst Ben claimed the A Grade scratch. Further evidence of great on-course scoring for the day.

Balls for the day went back to 1 under handicap proving how hot the scoring was, with balls claimed by Ben Glover (68), Nathan Hawkins (69), Craig Filmer (70) and Dan McGrath (70). The Bendigo Bank Hole in One did not go off this week, yet another good shot in to 1.67m was recorded by Michael Baldry and a ball was rewarded for his effort. The box of brown sandwiches on the lucky card draw (thanks to Brett Johnson) was Peter Steinke who would gladly take this rather than his score on the 3rd hole on the day.

James in a Canter Midweek
Well, it has been spoiling for months now. David James has been more than the occasional podium placer midweek and finally he has nailed it. David has recorded a round 8 shots better than his handicap to easily account for the midweek field and the par 24 stableford point layout he terrorised.

David has savaged his handicap, as a result losing over half his handicap and taking him 8 shots back to a mere 7.5 deductible for next week. Ouch! In second place and 2 points behind with an impressive round 6 shots better than his handicap was Herb Manwaring at 30 stableford points.

Third went to Ron Kerr at 29 points whilst Billy Kildea claimed fourth on 28 points.

Tough school this week boys and girls. The random lucky mystery ball winner went to Jacqui Solah, who in the space of 7 days nearly cleaned up every contest there was to be had in Harden.

This Week
The boys will front up for the annual Cassidy Mower Service Individual Stableford, whilst the ladies will present for their 2019 Medal of Medals Stroke and Putting for the Harden Fuel Supplies Trophy.

See you on course, boys and girls.

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