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Club Champion – Glover from Parker in a Thriller The 2019 Club Championships have come to pass, finishing on a weekend of regional snow, gale force winds and freezing temperatures. The tough conditions brought out the true grit in a number of players and the hard conditions brought about a hard-fought win at the top of the grades by reigning Club champion Ben Glover.

After Rounds 1 & 2 the previous weekend, Mark Parker entered the weekend of the final decisions and play 1 shot in the lead, having played excellent golf and well better than his present handicap.

Ben Glover and Mark traded blows that first weekend with both having their good day and both also having their bad round, leading to such a close lead at the break.

Mark came out in Round 3 and again threw another good round in the mix of 75, with Ben unimpressed by his 78, a few over his handicap. This set the final round up with Ben now 4 behind entering day 4. Ben landed quite a few birdies in the closing holes as they were all square with 4 or 5 to go, which could not be matched by Mark. Ben ended up breaking Mark’s dogged fight for this year’s Championships at about the 69th hole and then cruised away to claim the win by 5.

The win sees Ben claim his 10th win from the last 11 years of play, but it was certainly the hardest fought, with Mark looking to go wire to wire until the day 4 gritty round by Ben, shooting a par round in arctic blast conditions to do so. All was not lost for Mark, as he did so well over the 4 rounds, he easily accounted for the coveted McLean Gold Cup for the best 4 rounds to nett by all Championships competitors.

B Grade to Filmer, C Grade to Bates
This Championships was full of good stories and tight little tussles that defined each grade. In B Grade, Craig Filmer entered the final weekend 5 shots behind Peter Steinke and Brian Wales before bringing home 2 of his best rounds for the year despite the horrid weather conditions, to end up 13 shots ahead of the field.

In C Grade, Robert Bates and his old sparring partner Herby Manwaring were all set to go toe to toe in the final day but Herby ended up with other commitments and Robert’s consistency over the 4 rounds told the tale on a fast finishing Tom Poole. Kevin Hoppe was streets ahead due to 4 consistent but not flashy rounds and easily accounted for the Vets division this year.

The final wash up went as follows:
A Grade
Ben Glover 80 73 78 71 302
Mark Parker 74 78 75 80 307
B Grade
Craig Filmer 85 88 82 81 336
Brian Wales 81 87 92 89 349
C Grade
Robert Bates 90 93 91 90 364
Tom Poole 104 102 105 100 411
Kevin Hoppe 80 83 81 80 324
Darrell Cassidy 85 94 83 90 352
McLean Gold Cup
Mark Parker 65 70 67 72 274 (course nett par 284 so -10 to handicap)
Ben Glover 75 68 73 66 282
Craig Filmer 72 75 69 68 284

Day 3 – Saturday 10 Aug 2019
The boys lined up for the Day 3 trophy kindly supplied by Chris Hocking. In his continuing patch of form, Mark Parker knocked out another great scratch score of 75 to record a 67 nett and claim the daily prize. Balls on the day went back to 73 such was the hard going after the snow. These were awarded to Craig Filmer (69), Robert Bates (72), Michael Baldry (73) and Ben Glover (73).

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One did not go off this weekend (phew, say the Murrimboola Financial Services team) however a ball was awarded to Mark Parker being the only bloke to hit the green at 5.5m into the howling wind.

Day 4 – Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Befitting the final day of a hard-fought campaign, local builder Nathan Schofield has put on a grand sponsorship. Gifting a first prize value of $150 at Drummond Golf and also a $50 fuel voucher at Harden Fuel Supplies, the golfers are very thankful for Nathan’s continued sponsorship of Harden Golf.

Storming through the field to prove his mettle as a true champion, Ben Glover has claimed Day 4 with his big march, returning a round of 66 nett and shooting par off the stick, to claim Nathan’s first prize. Similarly, Craig Filmer has put on a bold effort on Day 4 to win his Grade and claim the runners up trophy with a 68 nett.

Balls went to 73 nett again and were awarded to Robert Bates (71 nett), Mark Parker (72 nett) and Tom Poole (73 nett). Again, the Bendigo Bank Hole in One sponsorship was not threatened as the conditions proved too tough for the field to even hit the green on this last day.

A vote of thanks to the organisers Ron Page and Kevin Hoppe for their diligent record keeping and starting of the field, whilst also a vote of thanks to the Club for the Day 4 munchies to the tired and weathered golfers who completed this year’s marathon in trying conditions. A special mention also to Karen Glover for her support in record keeping, cooking and also interweb duties on the home page and Facebook.

Ladies StartUp Group Report
The startup ladies group have been keen and brave new golfers, braving whatever weather comes their way to express their passion at this weird old game of golf.

Some notable recent events that deserve big cheers are the fast-improving Susie Wales, who is toppling shots off her handicap in front of the other ladies eyes. Jacqui Solah too is dabbling in some weekend golf with the wizened Ronnie Page for the Foursomes Nett Win and recently recording an individual birdie as a career first on the 16th.

Karen Glover won 2 weeks ago playing 1 below her handicap on the day, whilst Cathie Sanderson last week won with a round 3 shots under her handicap. The improvement is directly proportionate to the keenness these girls are attacking the course with and its very impressive to hear about.

The ladies mentor and spring chicken Marj Manwaring slipped a good round in just to level the playing field amongst the girls and show she still has some game. The group also welcomed again the Sydney go-betweeners Deb and Leah who really enjoy their Harden break on course.

Remember if you are keen to have a run, this is a no pressure, learn-the-game group and it is all about having some fun and getting some frustration out by whacking the little white pill around the track. If you are reading this and you are tempted to use your Tuesdays for some fun and doing something different, pick the phone up and give Marj Manwaring a call on 6382 4352.

This Week
The gents will be lining up for Ron Kerr’s trophy in an Individual Stableford, whilst the ladies will be playing an 18 hole Stableford with a secret 9 holes for a Club trophy.

See you on the course – the rain has got it looking a treat.

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