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Comfortably Kennedy

Well of late its been the Wales & Kennedy show. This week, almost on cue, it’s Tam Kennedy. Tam is playing steady consistent golf, well within himself at present and it showed again on Saturday. Tam recorded 39 stableford points being 3 better than his handicap, to clean up in the Club Trophy stableford day.

The next 4 players who all took balls, would be considered the consistent achiever pack at golf presently. Kevin Hoppe was runner up on 38 points and the banter in the playing group with Tam was quite stinging on the 17th tee as both tried for that extra mental edge. A pointing little comment here or there about the status of Bob Randall’s paddock being out of bounds up the left, to a renowned hooker of the ball, is just a cutting little jab.

Balls also went to Ron Kerr (38), Brian Wales (35) and Herb Manwaring (35). John Hawkins has not stopped his commentary about his sweet little shot into the Bendigo Bank Hole in One hole, being 1.1m away from a new bank account at the local branch. John got a ball, and centre stage to tell everyone, with this shot.

Kerr Does It Midweek

Ron Kerr, above listed as one of the consistent 5, has shown his form midweek and claimed the goodies. Doing just enough to poke his head out front of the pack, Ron found that a par round on the 24 point, 12 hole layout, was enough to grab the lollies. On the handicapping rule, a minimum of 1 shot on handicap was penalised, so Ron resumes next week on the still generous deductor of 11.

Curiously, most midweekers play on both Wednesday and Friday, and in the final wash-up this week, Ron won the comp on a countback from himself, shooting 24 points both days. Well done Ron 1 and Ron 2.

In third place after the Kerr and Kerr show was David James who was 2 shots back on 22 points. Bob Martin and Bob Stevo then came along tied 4th with 20 points. Must have been fairly tough going out there during the week.

To top off his midweek adventure, Ron Kerr also claimed the lucky ball draw.

Volkswagen Scramble a Success.

Despite having the date set for almost a year, another local Club scheduled on the same date making it a tough show to get a qualifying team to the Regional finals. In the final wash-up, this was achieved but only just.

Players who attended had great weather, the course in fine February form and great hospitality from Greg and Kathy Sanderson at the BBQ and Jacqui beaming her smile from behind the bar. Scoring was hot even if the weather broke and wasn’t. The eventual winners in this 4 Person Ambrose – elimination format recorded a fantastic round of 12 under 59, off the stick, for a nett 52.625.

This team, and the regional qualifiers were Mark Parker & Dan McGrath from Harden coupled with Kiama mates Anthony Smith and Bob Wright. These guys will be attending a Canberra course for the Regional Final in a short while.

To avoid any confusion for next year and in the interests of attracting more locals, next year’s date has already been locked in at Saturday 22 February 2020. Pencil it in now.

This Week

The regular Saturday Stablefords will continue until the main program commences in March. See you all from lunch time on Saturday.

– Alby

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