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Championship Update – Glover & Glover in front
Not too long ago we featured father and son kicking some goals on the golf course. This weekend was a tour de force for the Glover family as Dad, Ben was getting the job done in A Grade, son Jack was plotting a course for the McLean Gold Cup for best nett over the Championship’s 4 rounds, and not too far back in B Grade also.

By the weekend’s end, both gents were leaders in the categories mentioned and Brian Wales (hangover in tow) was doing just nicely for the B Grade lead. Whilst the overall prize is the goal, the four rounds are held as a series of daily competitions and we will make our way through those first.

Saturday Round 1
The daily winner of the Harden Country Club major voucher was none other than the mad Scotsman. Who else could play so well in the misty, foggy, almost rain type conditions than someone from the homeland of our ancient sport. Tam has recorded a 71 nett, as too did newcomer David Solah, however a back 9 countback edged out David for the day’s event. David got a runner up minor voucher from the Club for his close call.

A day where playing to your handicap only happened for 2 people out of the entire field reveals that the recent rains has made the course long and tough. Great Championship conditions where managing your ball around meant way more than big hitting and flashy approach shots. Balls went back to 77 nett or 6 over their handicap and were awarded to David Solah (71), Daniel McGrath (72), Jack Glover (73), Ric Preston (73), Ben Glover (74), Brian Wales (75), Mark Parker (75) and Kevin Hoppe (75).

Sunday Round 2
On day 2, conditions seemed to ease yet scoring for most indicated it got harder. The winner of the daily event and Club voucher major was Jack Glover with a 1 over handicap 72. Great consistent golf from the sole Junior at present and the closely grouped Saturday Sunday rounds by Jack have really set him up for next weekend.

Edging out Craig Filmer for runner up in the daily event was the retired butcher, Bob Stevo making his charge. Both boys shot 74, yet Bob charged home stronger whilst Craig leaked like a sinking sailing ship. Balls on the day went back to 77 nett again (+6) and were awarded to Craig Filmer (74), Mark Parker (76), Nathan Hawkins (77), John Hawkins (77), David Solah (77), Michael Baldry (77) and Bernard Parker (77).

Halfway Mark Standings
A Grade
Ben Glover 74 84 158
Mark Parker 80 79 159
Kevin Hoppe 80 82 162

B Grade
Brian Wales 89 94 183
Bernard Parker 95 90 185
Daniel McGrath 86 101 187
Ron Page 95 94 189

McLean Gold Cup (best nett)
Jack Glover 73 72 145
David Solah 71 77 148
Tam Kennedy 71 78 149
Craig Filmer 78 74 152

Full results can be accessed via Golf Genius with the link on the Club’s web page.

This Weekend
Rounds 3 & 4 get going after a forecast week of late heavy rain (yay!) and start on Saturday, concluding Sunday. All men are welcome to play the daily event but under COVID rules, please book yourself in by ringing the Club on 6386 2483. Ladies will be playing a Stableford event on Saturday if numbers permit.

Good luck all, Moving Day (Day 3) beckons!

– Alby

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