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Like Father, like Son
It was a good final weekend of play for the Glover family as once again Ben Glover took the Club Championships from Mark Parker after 4 rounds were done. Jack Glover took out the Junior Championship and also the McLean Gold Cup. Something which his Dad has not done so well done to you Jack.

In B Grade, a hard fought tussle over the four rounds came down to a few shots either way on the last day. Daniel McGrath took out the B Grade Championships in a closely fought match from Brian Wales.

Our Veterans division was comfortably won by Kevin Hoppe. Admittedly not Kevin’s best rounds of the year and normally consistently fighting for the A Grade title, yet a strong showing here.

Congratulations must go to all the participants in what can only be described as less than perfect conditions with temperatures somewhere in single figures, rain and wind. 

Results Round 4 Club Championship’s.
Daily winner Jack Glover 67 nett and again one of the few for the weekend to complete a round better than his ever-diminishing handicap with strong play each day bringing Jack’s deductor down constantly.

Overall Championship’s Results

Club Champion
Ben Glover 315
Mark Parker 325
Kevin Hoppe 328

Daniel McGrath 372
Brian Wales 376
Bernard Parker 380

Veterans Kevin Hoppe 328
Tam Kennedy 349
Brian Wales 376

Jack Glover 381

McLean Gold Cup
Jack Glover 281
Tam Kennedy 297
Mark Parker 313

This week
This week we are brought another fun (????) event in the Greenkeepers Revenge. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of these greenkeepers. Drop in on Saturday and find out. Ben shared some thoughts with us last Sunday as to what he is thinking and I think this year it will be a rip snorter.

Come and have a laugh and tell a few rounds after you do battle.

– Alby

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