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Hoppe & Parker Claim Foursomes Title
The gents lined up for the hardest of golf formats on the weekend with the Club Foursomes Title on the line over 36 holes and 2 days of play. The unforgiving “your hit - my hit” alternate shot format is a tough one to master and some different partnerships this year shook the field out.

Ultimately and over the 36 holes, only 2 shots separated first and second on the scratch format, with Champions this year being Kevin Hoppe and Mark Parker with 153 or a +11 for the weekend with +5 and +6 for each day being some great golf. Runners up were Ben Glover and John Hawkins going about their work very differently with a +10 and +3 result to almost get the job done. Ben and John as a consolation picked up the best nett title with 139 nett or 3 under their handicap overall. Some great golf between these 2 pairs.

Day 1 - Henman & Hall Trophy
Thanks go to Craig Henman and Ashley Hall for their daily trophy and support of Harden Golf. These boys, as well as sponsoring, gave the nett weekend result a real good shake with some very good golf.

The overall Champions, Kevin and Mark really set their title up with a rock solid day 1 result. Bringing home a 69 nett (2 under their handicap), the boys covered the field by 1.5 shots to nett to claim the day’s prize. Balls went to Herby Manwaring and Eric Kuhn 70.5, Peter Steinke and Ron Kerr with 71.6 and the day’s sponsors took the last balls with 72.5 nett.

Nearest the pin on the Bendigo Bank Hole in One hole went to Ron Kerr at 3.45m.

Day 2 - Bates & Elliott Trophy
As they always do, Robert Bates and Peter Elliott stepped up and sponsored decision day in the Foursomes Championships. Hearty thanks from a grateful golf membership for their continued support.

The runners up overall owned the field on Day 2. Ben Glover and John Hawkins shot a mind blowing day 2 score of 74 or 3 over par and still left a couple out there. Awesome golf boys and a shame it did not end in a play off. The low scratch score meant a mind blowing 66 nett for their daily win and to claim the prize.

Ball winners on this day were fast finishing nett contenders Craig Henman and Ashley Hall with 68.5, Mark Parker and Kevin Hoppe at 70 nett and Ron Kerr and Peter Steinke with 70.5. The Bendigo Bank Hole in One nearly went off again to the bank account winner of 4 weeks ago Craig Henman. Craig lipped the cup with his shot to end up only 43 cm away. The boys had a solid par from this distance.

Final Results
Scratch Nett
Kevin Hoppe/Mark Parker 76/77 = 153
Ben Glover/J Hawkins 73/66 = 139
Ben Glover/John Hawkins = 81/74 = 155
Kevin Hoppe/Mark Parker 69/70 = 139
Ron Fuller/Peter Elliott = 86/86 = 172
Craig Henman/Ashley Hall 72.5/68.5 = 141

Elliott Claims August Medal
The ladies played the 6th WGNSW Medal for 2019 and they would like to thank Alexa Preston for her sponsorship of the day.

The daily winner of both scratch and nett for the day was Jeanette Elliott who shot a beautiful round of +8 for an 82/74. Runner up on the day was Pat Walker who brought home a 79 nett. The ladies played for a putting event in conjunction with the day and this was claimed by Ev Shea with only 29 putts.

This Week
The blokes have a 2 Person Ambrose warm up for the Australian Championships. The sponsors are Tom Poole and Andrew Jones who love supporting the Club and by all accounts have quite a bit in store for the day. Grab a partner and do not miss this red letter day in the program.

The ladies have an individual Stableford for a Club Trophy.

See you on course,

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