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Ash Hall is August Medal Winner
Cometh the hour, cometh the man! With the golf course fighting back over winter and the entire field struggling to play to their handicap, only one man can meet that challenge. To the winner go the spoils.

Ash Hall came, saw and kicked quoit on Saturday to claim the B Grade Monthly Medal, the B Grade Best Scratch, the Day’s Event and the coveted Guzzler’s Mug. A ripping score of 69 nett was hands down the best returned and Ash needs to be commended on his stellar play. Ash will collect his voucher by way of credit on his Club Card and the Harden Country Club is thanked for sponsoring the day’s event. Obviously not having Matt Minehan as a millstone around his neck this week freed up Ash’s play?

In a return to the glory days, Peter Elliott has come home strong to claim the A Grade Medal and the A Grade Scratch with a score of 73 nett. This goes to show how strong the course is at present for a champion of Peter’s ability struggling to make handicap on Medal day.

Balls went back to 75 nett on Saturday and were awarded to Peter Elliott (73), David James (75), Andrew Jones (75), Bernie Parker (75) and Brian Wales (75). Jacqui Solah August Medallist

The Ladies division held their August Medal also on the day, and in one of their better showings it was good to see a fair crew of ladies on course. The new kid on the block is showing how a lot of practise can bring on your game. Claiming the Country Club sponsored event, the August Medal and the Monthly Putting competition, Jacqui Solah was this month’s Champion. Jacqui had a very tidy 76 nett on the par 74 red course.

Balls were awarded to Ev Shea and also Jeanette Elliott on the day.

This Week
The Men begin their 2020 Singles Championships which will be competed for in 3 grades – A, B and Veterans. Your playing handicap on Round 1 tee off will determine your grades with most likely 0-14 being A Grade and 15 and beyond being B Grade. This will be confirmed at the Match Committee meeting this week. Remember that COVID rules are still in play so do not forget to book your tee time and be COVID safe on course and after in the Club House.

The ladies will gather for a single stableford this Saturday.

See you whacking away… Alby

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