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Elliott & Filmer Ladies Foursomes Champions
On Saturday and Sunday last, the ladies braved the chilly wintry winds to contest their annual Foursomes Championships. Coming up trumps as they have on a few previous occasions, were Jeanette Elliott and Toni Filmer with 2 very consistent rounds and scores that improved over the weekend.

Toni and Jeanette were in a class of their own, picking up both daily prizes and eventually recording an overall score some 3 shots better than their allotted handicap, which bares out their consistency for the weekend. The ladies shot an 89/74.5 and an 85/70.5 for a combined 174/145. Very well done, girls.

On Saturday, the ladies competed for the Harden Pharmacy Trophy and Toni and Jeanette as stated picked this day up a few shots better than Pat Walker and Marj Manwaring on nett. The same result prevailed again on the daily nett event for Sunday with the Champions picking up the GO Kruger Trust 2nd day trophy, with Pat and Marj chasing at their heels. The overall runners up off the stick proved to be the long-term foursomes rivals to Toni and Jeanette and last year’s Champions, Ev Shea and Maryanne Fitzgerald.

Parker & Glover in a Tussle for Men’s Champion
It is the halfway mark in the Men’s Club Championships and some topsy turvy scores have come in as players battle the elements and the course to post a handy result. Heading towards week 2, the A Grade battle for Club Champion sits with 1 shot in it between returning former Champion Mark Parker, who sits 1 shot ahead of long term current Champion Ben Glover. This sets up a thrilling finish in rounds 3 and 4 this weekend. In B and C Grades, there are some enthralling battles set up as well with Peter Steinke and Brian Wales tied atop B Grade, whilst in C Grade Robert Bates has Herb Manwaring covered by a mere 1 shot also. This is the closest all grades have been seen at the half way point. The top 4 in each grade are listed below so you can keep an eye on the pace of play.

Parker Claims the Omo on Day 1
Day 1 was kindly sponsored by Thompsons Rural Supplies who put up a year’s worth of washing powder as the prize. Guaranteeing Jamie will have him spic-n-span in the paint booth each day, Mark Parker has returned to regular golf with a vengeance. Emulating his good form at the Club’s Open Tournament, “Reggie” has claimed the day’s event, the A Grade Medal, the A Grade scratch and a handicap deduction with a superb round of 74 off the stick for a 65 nett.

In B Grade, Robert Bates has claimed the Medal with a 70 nett whilst Dan McGrath has shot the best B Grade Scratch on the day with an 87. Balls went back to 73 nett on a countback and were awarded to Brian Wales (68), Robert Bates (70), Dan McGrath (71), Craig Filmer (72), Herb Manwaring (72) and Bernie Parker (73 c/b).

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One did not go off, however Nearest The Pin on the 10th at 4.1m was Herb Manwaring. Kevin Hoppe had his name drawn out by Maryanne Fitzgerald for the lucky carton draw and the drawer claimed at least 1 of the 24 belonged to her.

Glover Gets it Done on Day 2 On day 2, the winds eased slightly for slightly less tougher going and Ben Glover made the most of it. Ben put the foot down and took his turn to win the day’s event with a 73 off the stick for a 68 nett.

With Mark Parker easing outward on his day 2 score, this brought the boys back together in the Championship race. Ben claimed the Harden Bearing Service daily trophy for his efforts.

Balls went back to 73 nett again proving the course has some bite in it at the moment. Balls were claimed by Peter Steinke (69), Mark Parker (70), Peter Elliott (71), Eric Kuhn (71) and John Hawkins (73).

Hawkins Hole in One on 10th Claiming the ball for Nearest The Pin on the Bendigo Bank Hole in One Hole was John Hawkins. John slam dunked his 7 iron on the 10th to claim a Bendigo Bank $1,000 bank account. Through 4 years of sponsorship and until just over a week ago, only 1 prize had been paid to Peter Steinke last year. Craig Henman recorded his last week and now John Hawkins holing out without bothering the greenkeepers, will mean that Bendigo Bank will be seeing new account holders left, right and centre.

Board Member of the Bank Ev Shea was on hand to congratulate John who had his leg pulled early with Ev advising him that only 1 payout permissible in any month of golf. Hawk-Eye’s jaw hit the floor so fast he loosened 3 teeth before the joke was up. The ball is being put in a trophy ready for return to him shortly. Well done.

Championship Progress
The top 4 place getters in each grade are listed below for the record and also to let others know where they may sit coming not the penultimate round this Saturday.

A Grade McLean Gold Cup
Mark Parker 152
Ben Glover 153
Kevin Hoppe 163
Peter Elliott 170
B Grade
Peter Steinke 168
Brian Wales 168
Craig Filmer 173
Craig Henman 182
C Grade
Robert Bates 183
M Manwaring 185
Tom Poole 206
McLean Gold Cup
Mark Parker 135
Peter Steinke 142
Ben Glover 143
Brian Wales 143

This Week
The ladies will resume individual play for a Club Trophy Stableford on Saturday. The gents will play round 3 of the Championships on Saturday for the Chris Hocking Trophy, whilst on Sunday in a seeded draw announced on Saturday evening, the field will play for the Tom Poole and Andrew Jones Electrical Blazer, to bring home the Championships in style.

Anybody not playing Championships is very welcome to play the daily events held on each day. See you at lunch time each day to register.

See you on course.

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