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Gilmour House Showdown for the Event
Saturday saw the field face the starter for an 18 hole Individual Stroke Event in mildly overcast weather but with decidedly better prospects than were the field playing at Tweed Heads this last weekend.

With the course drying fast and wanting hard for another drink from the skies, the run is increasing and speed on the greens starting to reach a ‘must be respected’ pace, it proved for some tough golf not really experienced since last Summer.

In a battle for the ages, an unprecedented 5 way tie in the field for best score came down to a battle in 2 on a countback from a husband and wife duo.

Greens Superintendent Chad, and his good wife Sheena went at it toe for toe. And the winner after the dust settled… was Sheena!!

With Chad’s bomb and gouge style going up against Sheena’s middle of fairway and reliable approach, it couldn’t have got more exciting to watch. A bit of shade was being thrown as they enjoyed their ride in the same cart, yet Sheena had a better back 9 than Chad and the other three leaders, ultimately prevailing.

Sheena collected the day’s event with her Even Par nett and the corresponding Club voucher, along with a week of bragging rights at Chateaux Gilmour.

Refreshment vouchers were collected by Chad Gilmour (Even nett), David James (Even nett), Kevin Hoppe (Even nett) and Maurice Manwaring (Even nett).

Daylight came next and Tam followed 4 shots back leading the rest of the field.

This Week
Its March Monthly Medal time! Once again we will be playing a Stroke Event to decide the A & B Grade Medals, and the Guzzlers Mug. A Stableford will be played in conjunction for handicapping and sorting ball comp out.

Make a day of it also and incorporate your Pepe’s Duck Run round so you can be in the line up for a plucked duck, an unplucked duck and a nude duck. Only $8 and a drink included. Awesome value.

For all others who love doing their Duck Run on a Sunday, the weather is looking better for then anyway so enjoy your day out.

Dempster Cup

DO NOT FORGET that the Club MatchPlay Championships (Dempster Cup) nominations are due.

2022 will see this as a true Club Championships with the event now a Medley event.

A token fee of intent ($5) is due and there will not be a qualifying. A randomized draw will be produced by Golf Genius and the brackets announced for the first round by next column, along with a round completion date.

The Men’s Match Index and the course pars normalized so that all are playing a Par 71 track. Should be a great event so don’t miss nominating. Entries close on Saturday night.

See you out there


Rye Park Wind Farm construction update

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