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Manwaring & Parker Claim 4BBB Title

As numbers thinned on our 2nd weekend outing for this Championship, the wily foxes of Bernie Parker & Maurice Manwaring started like a house on fire, before holding on to their back sides as Tam & Craig’s luck changed albeit too late for the reckoning.

Again the skies presented a glorious late Autumn weekend for Golf and the Course was in great shape. It was just a shame nobody could capitalise on the perfect conditions to lock away a good round of Golf. Maybe it was a bit of matchplay, maybe nerves but Bernie & Herbie along with Tam and Craig could not for the life of them string any 2 or 3 holes together. This seeded draw of last weekends 1st and 2nd placeholders saw scores all over the place.

By the end of the first 9 the prior weekend lead of 2 to Bernie & Herb was restored and there were 9 holes to go. After 4 of these, everyone in the group had recorded a wipe and everyone had recorded a 3 pointer, the uncertainty was palpable. Bernie and Herb looked to have it in the bag through 14 yet Craig knocked in very unlikely birdies on 16 & 18 for 4 points each, ultimately going down to Herb and Bernie by 1 point across 2 weekends. To a spectator it was probably a nail biter, to the players, well they can only shake their heads at how it resulted.

Very fitting victors in Bernie Parker and the spritely 87 year old Maurice Manwaring who scored when they needed to and did not leave too many holes with wipes. Congratulations on 41/39 = 80 points to Craig & Tam’s 39/40 = 79 points.

The daily winners however, should have contemplated turning up the weekend before as well. Simon Glover & Harry Sachs eased into a 49 point round thank you very much showing up Tam & Craig by 9 shots on the day and Herb & Bernie by 10 points. For this the lads easily won the day’s event. The individual result saw Harry take the ball on 41 points whilst Simon was runner up with 39 points, easily accounting for those who were trying the Championship mind games.

Pride Cometh

Interesting that Harry Sachs’ name comes up in this article. One could have been mistaken for thinking he was the only rooster in the hen house at Golf on Saturday, parading backwards and forwards from the Dempster Cup Club matchplay draw to anyone who would listen, parroting on about his number 1 seeding. Further, he was heard to utter that he could not wait for the round games to be over so he could take his next opponent to the woodshed.

It’s a marathon not a sprint big boy, and this Club has produced some very seasoned Pennant Players over the years. Watch this space for updates as the year unfolds.

Seriously though, Round 1 matches as announced and on the draw need to be completed by 19th June please gents – do not tarry !

This Weekend

Its Medal Time. Up for grabs in an individual stroke will be the day’s event, the June Medal and the Guzzlers Mug. Register one and all (Mens, Ladies & Juniors) as all are welcome to enjoy the great conditions on course and magical weather at present.

See you there

– Alby

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