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Big Harry is Back in 2022

It was the March Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug, and back into form storms the Fencer that became a Golfer. With a whopping 10 less handicap than this time last year, Harry Sachs continues to blaze away the fields and give the handicapper no reason to put the machete away, chopping further at his constant handicap whittling.

Now on 14 playing handicap and just sneaking into A Grade for the Medals, Harry has won the A Grade Medal, the Day’s Event and also the prestigious Guzzlers Mug for another dose of pestilence to members for the upcoming 30 days. Harry has shot a very tidy 81 for a 67 nett and 40 stableford points. Congratulations as you break from the cusp of A Grade, seriously down into a solid seat at the table.

Our B Medallist is also someone who has been showing perseverance & patience at his newly chosen craft Chris Whybrow has been toiling away since late last year and has finally put a round together that demonstrates this. Chris has shot a 69 nett or 2 under his handicap and should be proud. Keep it going Zeke.

Our A Scratch was Kevin Hoppe who had a very neat 75 shots off the stick, whilst in B Grade we welcome back Damian Kemp to golf and also the winners circle with a 91 for a par nett round. In the ball comp (refreshment voucher) the scoring was very tight, especially in the A Grade bracket, proving you had to play at or below your handicap this week to claim a ball. First time this has happened in quite a few months.

Vouchers after the medallist got their Club Credits, went to; Matt Peisley (69 nett), Brett Johnson (69 nett), Kevin Hoppe (70 nett), Tam Kennedy (70 nett) and Damian Kemp (71 nett).

This Weekend

This week we are playing a 4BBB Medley Multiplier. Stableford points for Player 1 are multiplied by the points on that hole for Player 2. For example 3 points x 3 points gets a beautiful 9 point score on the hole, whereas a 4 point times a 0 point (wipe) = 4 x 0 = 0 points.

Tough game but it rewards both players playing to their handicap and supporting each other. Our sponsors each year for this event are the crew at DA Busters Development Services, Craig & Toni Filmer.

Dempster Cup – Club MatchPlay Championships

Entries have closed, a random bracket draw done ad the first round of matches have been formulated. The first round needs to be completed by sun down on April 2 and sees Graham Taylor & Bob Stevo avoid the round 1 carnage with byes into Round 2.

The other matches are as follows and players should make contact with their opposition to schedule the match either in line with a singles event being played, or outside this by agreement.

Christopher Longbottom vs Harry Sachs – (Chris to give 19 shots)
Peter Elliott vs Jacqui Solah – (Peter to give 25 shots)
Craig Filmer vs Tom Poole – (Craig to give 10 shots)
Matt Peisley vs Maurice Manwaring – (Matt to give 12 shots)
Jeanette Elliott vs Evelyn Shea – (Jeanette to give 9 shots)
Chad Gilmour vs David Solah – (Chad to give 9 shots)

Good luck to all in this exciting event. Ladies ensure if it is a Dempster Match and to even up Par on the course, to play from the forward tee positions on Holes 3, 8 & 11. Matches to be played to the Men’s Match Index on the Paper Cards.

See you all on course

Rye Park Wind Farm construction update

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