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Parker and Kuhn Claim DA Busters Multiplier
Saturday saw the annually sponsored trophy by DA Busters Development Assistance Services and as usual, it is an event not often played that takes unique teamwork to succeed. The 4BBB Multiplier shows that a pair’s team effort of both scores, will either score huge or record a duck egg as the result on each hole.

Powering on again was none other than Bernie Parker with the world class halfback Eric Kuhn as his pint-sized jockey riding high on Mr Parker’s success. This eclectic partnership scored an impressive 80 aggregate points, recording 12 points off two consecutive holes with Bernie birding 2 on the trot for 4 points whilst Eric parred both for the lock of 3 points. Nice.

Runners up were husband and wife pairing of Peter and Jeanette Elliott who also scored hot at times, but with 4 zips were left wondering what might have been, a mere 1 shot behind the leaders on 79 total points. Jeanette in this effort claimed the individual trophy also supplied by DA Busters.

Peter and Jeanette led off the balls with their 79 points, then followed by Darrell Cassidy and Robert Bates with 76 points and John Hawkins and Brian Wales on 74 points. The Bendigo Bank Hole in One did not go off but again a hot close shot went to Kevin Hoppe at 1.7m.

Word also filtered back from last week where Kevin was a mere 6 inches from an Albatross on hole number 12. The last albatross was some 20 years ago now on 14 by butcher cum truck driver to the stars, Robert Stevenson. Nice one Kev.

Ladies Midweek Development 9 Hole Comp
Last week, a wonderful roll up saw some of the really keen beginners who have been putting the time in with their friends and also visiting Pro Garry Begg, roll up for a 9 hole comp.

The winner on the day with an impressive 40 net was Angela Field. A job well done. The strength of where this group is at is not in the actual net score, moreover the bunched nature of scoring with all ladies going hard. The runner up on the day was Kathy Sanderson, only 1 shot back at 41 net and then came Jackie Solah with 43 net.

Great stuff ladies. Take your time in getting your confidence and hope to see you on Saturdays some time into the future, or at least the midweek 12 hole comp.

Steinke from Steinke & Kilda Midweek
Yes that’s right, a 3 way countback amongst 2 blokes this week decided the result in the Midweek Comp. Remembering the 12 hole layout is a par 24 Stableford points.

Getting it done with only 1 point over par (25 points) were Peter Steinke, Bill Kilda and Peter Steinke. The numbers have it and Peter Steinke snuck home in a countback. Peter won the bikkies along with the right to deduct 1 shot from his handicap.

Next back was Mr Consistency Ron Kerr with 24 points, playing most weeks at or about his handicap. Ron also claimed the mystery ball draw prize.

This Week
With Easter upon us, golf will continue on Saturday. The gents will be playing for the Damian Shea Gutter Vac Trophy in a Stableford event, getting going from lunch time. The ladies also have a Stableford set for Saturday under a Club Trophy. The Bendigo Bank Hole in One prize will be in play for both fields with a $1000 bank account awaiting the next successful member that achieves it.

Enjoy your golf punters.

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