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Cassidy Romps Home in Medley Stableford
A Club Medley Individual Stableford was the order of the day as Autumn bared its first teeth on Saturday with a nippy and penetrating wind, making golf on the ever-greening course just that bit tougher. As the field is slowly acclimatising to the new World Order (read World Handicapping system) and things are beginning to level out with a few rounds under the belt, Darrell Cassidy proved all the hoo-haaa to be misguided with a champion 40 Stableford points or 4 better than his handicap.

Giving his playing partner a rare touch-up on the day, Darrell has showed a clean set of heels and brought it home 2 shots better than his next competitor to claim the voucher for the day’s outing. Runner up and leading the ball comp was once again the dais squatter and Mr Consistent in Bernie Parker. Bernie seems to knock out 38 Stableford points in his sleep it seems. Other balls on the day went to Maurice Manwaring on 37 points, Ashley Hall with 36 points and Kevin Hoppe with 34 points.

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One was not claimed and nor unfortunately was the nearest the pin as nobody hit the short stuff on the treacherous downwind gales. A special thanks to Ev for coming in and being a treat to play with in a fast-moving game amongst the gang of grumblers.

Bob Martin Hits Purple Patch
Bringing in 1st and 3rd places with his outings at the Midweek Comp this week, Bob Martin proved to be a force worth reckoning with. Bob has claimed the event with a tidy 28 points being 4 shots better than par on the 12 hole, 24 point layout. Bob has had the whole 4 deducted for his troubles and will be off a still generous 18 when he resumes duties this week.

In 2nd place for the week was Herb Manwaring, who just cannot stop playing consistent golf presently in any format put on. Herb has shot a sweet 27 point round 3 better than his burgeoning handicap again, whilst as quoted, Bob Martin claimed 3rd as a double under line to his week out.

The random mystery ball draw went to Bob Stevo this week.

This Week
As is done each year, the Club starts off with some games to have fun with your mind. This Saturday, the Club will be sponsoring a Medley Par. Boys and girls all mixed up and playing that awesome game loved called Par.

I am in for sure. See you there.
– Alby

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