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Hoppe Too Hot for Field
The Summer Stablefords continued on a glorious day for golf last Saturday. With the recent small amounts of rain, the course is starting to respond and the greens were receptive. Kevin Hoppe was like a spelled racehorse, fresh after a break for family and friends last weekend and claimed the day with a very nice round of 40 points, shooting par off the stick to achieve the win for the Country Club Trophy. Great round Kev!

The field on average had a great day out with most playing to their handicap or close to it. Balls on the day went to 37 points and were claimed by John Hawkins slowly hitting form (38 pts) and Ron Page backing up from last week’s good Medal showing (37 pts).

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One was not under threat again this week, but a guy who hits this green more weeks than he misses it, once again claimed the Nearest the Pin. Ron Kerr has squeezed his tee shot in to within 2 metres (1.97m) and claimed a ball for his efforts.

Grahame Taylor Midweek Victor
In some more moderate scoring than we expect from the midweek social golfers over the last few weeks, the winner has been barely at, or about par. The 12 hole course presents as a par 24 points and the winner was the best of the lot at 1 behind his handicap or 23 points. The Galloway handicapping system dictates that a winner of the event not making his handicap still gets deducted 1 whole shot so Grahame will resume play next week on his new handicap of 14.

2nd outright was Bob Stevo only 1 point back on 22 points, whilst a log-jam on 21 points saw Bob Martin, David James, Herb Manwaring (not once but twice) and Ron Kerr, all lock away the same score.

The magical mystical ball draw this week went to Jacqui Solah.

Volkswagen Scramble This Saturday
Have you got your team ready? Have you nominated at the Club yet (6386 2483)? It’s Scramble time from 10am this Saturday. Great fun, tough format and good rewards the further you get into the event.

The Club needs you to come and join the others from regional Clubs who have realised this is one of the last qualifying events in the State for the 19/20 season.

See you there. – Alby

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