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Johnson & Kemp Back in Force

Well it was our second teams event for the month and it proved quite popular with a slid turnout.

The 2 person ambrose format always hits a chord at the home of the Australian Championship, and with a theme of bring a non-golfer, it also saw the return of some not so regulars, which is a great outcome, whetting their appetite to rejoin our ranks once again.

Winners of the day’s straight out Comp were a pair of those “not so regulars” in Damian Kemp & Brett Johnson. Proving they have some timeless quality swings still in their bag, these boys have swept the field with a nett 66. This was a mere countback win from our greenkeeping dynamic duo of Chad Gilmour and his wife Sheena who also shot a 66 nett for a great day out.

In the non golfer partner category, Craig Filmer has teamed with son Aidan Filmer, a one-time Junior regular at the Club trying to entice him back into the fold. Aidan & Craig have shot a round 1 under nett to their genuine handicap but a 72 nett to their event handicap. Refreshment vouchers were awarded to good scores also from Sheena & Chad (66), Tam Kennedy & John Brownhill (69) & Jeanette & Peter Elliott (72).

This Week

We jump back into an Individual event this Saturday to warm everybody back up for our April Medal the following weekend. Great opportunity to get those first round Dempster Cup Matches out of the way this weekend and next so hook your opposition and line them up.

Dempster Cup Matches

The Round of 32 matches are as follows;

Tom Poole vs Cameron Fairfield-Smith
Daniel McGrath vs Jesse Glover
Damian Kemp vs Peter Elliott
Craig Filmer vs Evelyn Shea
John Brownhill vs Matt Peisley
Jackie Solah vs Chad Gilmour
Herb Manwaring vs Christopher Longbottom
Simon Glover vs Craig Henman
David James vs Tam Kennedy
Harry Sachs vs Josh Glover
David Solah vs Brett Johnson
Ash Hal vs Bob Stevo
Jeanette Elliott vs Sheena Gilmour
Chris Whybrow vs Ben Brady

Graham Taylor & Ben Glover got the lucky first round byes. There are some cracking match-ups there and it is only round 1 ….. Wow. These matches are due by the close of the 2 April weekend all.

Remember to register for play via the Golf Genius App or to buzz Staff before Saturday to book your round.

The Bendigo Bank Hole in One 10th will be on also as it is a Club individual event. Who wants a shiny new Bendigo Bank account with 1,000 good reasons to become a great little saver.

As well, the Pepe’s Duck Run is still powering away. Couple your duck run with your 18 holes and get a free drink for the price of your round. Awesome value.

See you out their gang


KP Carmody

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