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Hoppe on a Countback
Well, the weather was again warm and Spring like, yet again the winds they did blow. Mastery of the course appeared a bit harder than last week and the scores reflected the challenge the golfers faced.

Two of our regular golf stalwarts shot 39 points in the Club trophy event Stableford on Saturday, with Kevin Hoppe returning to the judges with a better back 9. This round of 3 better than handicap on the day was returned by both Kevin Hoppe and also Ron Kerr. Unfortunately, Ron had to settle for leader of the ball competition and not the event.

As stated, Ron Kerr took a ball with his nice round of 39 points and the other ball went to Robert Bates on 35 points, some 4 back of the 2 vying for the lead. Always tough to draw a field on Harden Picnic Race day, being the major social event on the calendar for Hardenites, friends and family.

Whilst the Bendigo Bank Hole in One prize did not go off on Saturday, the ball for nearest the pin was claimed by the runner up on the day, Ron Kerr who was at 2.98m with his tee ball.

Herb Again Midweek
Needing to be careful he loses his amateur status at the midweek competition, Herby Manwaring shot an absolute classic round to claim the choccies midweek. Around the par 24 stableford point, 12 hole layout, Herb has shot a whopping 32 stableford points or 8 whole points/shots better than his handicap. This win has collapsed his midweek handicap way back to 9 now and one would think that may keep him quiet for a little while. It is Herb though…

Second place on the day and making fantastic inroads to her latest obsession (golf, that is) is the very keen Jacqui Solah. Jacqui has escaped the handicappers wrath but has beaten her handicap by a whole 5 shots to shoot a very tidy 29 point round. You go girl! In 3rd place and his practise round earlier in the week, was again Herb Manwaring who had 26 points, whilst Billy Kildea is now positioning himself in the line up for the run into Xmas. The magical mystery ball draw went to the Fox.

Kennedy and Filmer Mid Field at Mollymook
Electing the glamourous seaside course of Mollymook as their regional final location, Tam and Kennedy were as keen as mustard to get the job done and get to Bonville for the State Final. The winds blew, the greens were slick and the field was hot.

In a tough scoring day, the winners from Tura Beach, Moruya and Catalina in each of the Men’s, Mixed and Ladies events did not shoot double figures under (nett) to claim their places at the State Final. Tam and Craig played to their handicap to finish mid field. Mollymook Golf Course 1 – Harden boys 0.

This Week
The boys will be playing for the Club Bistro November Medal and Guzzlers Mug from lunch time on Saturday, whilst the Ladies will have a Club Trophy stroke event. Look forward to seeing you on course.

– Alby

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