Harden Kite Festival Drawing Closer

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


With just three months to go until the Harden Kite Festival, organising is well underway.

The 2024 Harden Kite Festival is just three months away, and anyone interested in having a stall at the fiercely successful event has until close of business tomorrow, Friday, June 28 to get their application in.

You can find the application form on the Harden Kite Festival website or by visiting the Festival’s website at https://hardenkitefestival.org/get-involved/

Going on past events, organisers of the Harden Kite Festival 2024 expect around 4000 people on Saturday, October 12.

Last year, they recorded 3,657 people through the gate and an online survey completed by a sample of attendees following the event found:

  • 92 per cent would attend a future kite festival;

  • 98 per cent would encourage others to go to a future kite festival;

  • The average rating for the event was 4.52 starts out of 5;

  • The average length of time spent at the festival was 4.1 hours; and

  • The big kites (77 per cent) and affordability of the event (74 per cent) were the features most liked by festival goers;

On average, festival goers spent $31.20 per person, which equates to $114,116 for the event, more than twice the amount in 2022.


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