Harden Kite Festival Just Days Away

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix


IMAGE: Many hands make light work, and the organising committee for the Harden Kite Festival thanked the volunteers from AECG for helping them set up the oval for the weekend’s festival.

Volunteers from Harden AECG and The Big Lift helped the Harden Kite Festival committee set up for the big event last weekend.

All sponsor and directional signage and marquees had to be erected. They worked diligently to put up decorations, bunting, colourful pom-poms and flags.

The groups lifted heavy tyres to create tyre hopscotch and set up other activities for the kids to enjoy on the day.

They installed the giant kite display, made kites and kite displays and set up the kite stall.

Funny faces and pole signage were fixed using simple tool kits.

Chalkboards and the new dance floor stage were painted, donation buckets were cleaned, craft supplies for the free kite workshops were organised and toilets were cleaned.

It was a huge behind-the-scenes effort that will make all the difference on the day, and the committee offered their thanks to The Big Lift and Harden AECG for their time and efforts.

All that is left to do now is for everyone to remember to get themselves out to the event and enjoy the day flying their kites, looking through the market stalls, creating, playing and just enjoying each other’s company.

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