Harden Masquerade Ball Goes Off With A Bang

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Kokoloco Dancers travelled from Sydney to entertain the crowd at the Harden Masquerade Ball.

Wow, wow, wow - the word echoed around the Harden Country Club on Saturday night at the splendour of the Masquerade Ball in support of Harden Branch of Can Assist.

Dominica Longbottom of Table and Delights and the Country Club joined forces to organise the ball with a little help from members of Can Assist, designing a setting that immediately got everyone in the mood for a most memorable night.

Men dusted off their black suits and ties while the ladies pulled out their formal frocks from the back of their wardrobes - or snagged the opportunity to purchase something new so they could get all gussied up for the night.

Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal of Pepe’s Ducks and local lamb prepared by chef Vincent at the Club.

Pepe’s Ducks generously donated the ducks for the meal.

Talented Nicole Taylor kicked off the entertainment by singing three songs.

The Kokoloco Dancers, who travelled from Sydney to entertain the ball attendees added to the party vibe.

They were a huge hit, interacting with the audience who were soon on the dance floor with them.

The Sydney Live Music Band was entertaining and provided great dance music.

In fact, the dance floor was never empty right through the night, and there were plenty of calls for “one more” which they happily obliged.

Of course, the aim of the night was to raise as much money as possible for Harden Can Assist, and once again, the Harden community was wonderfully supportive.

Terry Ricketts fulfilled the role of the auctioneer for the night, auctioning off the many items donated for the event by 7pm, and entertaining the crowd while pushing the crowd to open their wallets.

He was ably assisted by Sharon Spackman who was equally entertaining and encouraging for dollars to flow.

Final amounts raised will be announced by the end of the week, but are anticipated to be in excess of $20,000.

A full list of sponsors on the night will be noted in the coming days via the Can Assist Harden Facebook page.

Donations came from Harden, Young, and many businesses across the District.

KP Carmody

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