Harden’s Masquerade Ball On This Weekend

Written by: The Hilltops Phoenix

IMAGE: Harden’s Masquerade Ball is in aid of Harden CanAssist this year.

Flowing gowns, glittering jewels, polished footwear - and mystery. What is it? A masquerade ball.

Saturday night, June 25 will see a crowd of formally-clothed and masked patrons fill the Harden Country Club. Harden’s Masquerade Ball has been organised in aid of CanAssist this year.

Event planner, Dominika Longbottom from Table and Delights said the event had been very successful last year. “Last year some $15,000 was raised for two great charities,” Ms Longbottom said.

“This year we hope to achieve this for CanAssist. After last year’s event, we wanted to continue having such iconic black tie events. This idea was backed by the Harden Country Club board. I hope we can continue the tradition whilst supporting great local charities.”

The evening will commence at 6:30 pm, with exceptional music provided by the Sydney Live Music Band.

“We have a special performance from Kokoloco Dance Studio coming to us from Canberra,” Ms Longbottom said.

The Harden Masquerade Ball is a collaboration between Harden Country Club and Table and Delights to provide a black-tie event every year in support of local charities.

Harden has hosted a number of masquerade balls over recent years in aid of local charities which have proved very successful, both for the charities and the fun.

As well as the opportunity to give to a worthy local charity, the masquerades allow people the chance to dress up in formal attire, don a mask and flit the night away with wonderful music, dancing and a whole lot of frivolity.

The evening will run from 6:30 pm until 11:45 pm.

KP Carmody

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